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The single most important thing to consider when buying sunglasses for Square Sunglass Online protection to find a pair that blocks 100 percent of UV rays or UV 400 protection. However, Fever people buying sunglasses bother to check whether the lenses protect their eyes from harmful ultraviolet light. Of course, the more coverage provided by sunglasses, the less sun damage is caused on the eyes. Consider buying large glasses, which help cut down the UV entering the eye from the side. Lens colors influence how much visible light reaches your eyes and how well you see other colors. Dark lenses may look cool, but they do not necessarily cut off more UV rays. For instance, if you have a square face, then look for sunglasses that have Square Sunglass frames. Wearing it, your face has a smoother look. If you are not into that, you can also try classic Square sunglasses. If your face is round, rectangular sunglasses are more suitable, which will give the appearance that your face is more angular than it is. Additionally, they will make your face look Fashionable. However, you should choose a pair that matches your face shape, that is, the shape of your sunglasses should be against your face shape.

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